Promoting Entrepreneurship among Immigrants in Andalusia

“New project of the Entrepreneurship Support Platform aimed at immigrants”

Andalusia is the third region with more immigrants in Spain, with around 600.000, but nevertheless its entrepreneurship rate is 9 percentage points below the spanish average. This creates social and economic tensions in one of the most sensitive and more feel of social exclusion.

To help correct this situation Entrepreneurship Support Platform (ESP) has created a project to support social inclusion of immigrants in Andalusia which consists in the development and dissemination of an online course of 20 sessions in order to trasmit the basic knowledge needed for an immigrant to open and manage a small business.

For broadcast will be linked to Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos, because its network of 800 telecentres Guadalinfo reaches throughout Andalusia and can be a good tool for all those immigrants who do not have internet access to access the course. Also the course will be announced through, reference portal on foreigners and immigration in Spain.